Laundry on The Line

The rain stopped long enough for me to get a load of clothes out on the line. How I love hanging clothes ! Sure I might just complain a bit in winter, when my hands quickly burn with the wet cold, but even then, there is fun in posing the clothes as they freeze into silly forms. Today was skirt washing day. I love long full skirts that reach my ankles, it always feels so old fashioned, but also comfortable. I have long ago learned the art of hiking up my skirt just a bit when going out to do the chores, keeping the mud from the hem and to keep my big old country feet from getting caught up in the full fabric. Aprons over these long skirts give me a place to put eggs warm off the nests, and several heads of cabbage. Tomatoes for our evening meal and dirty soil covered potatoes. In the winter, black high top boots stick out from under the hem, looking at them makes me smile, pieces of a time long past right before my eyes. Practical too. Boots of sturdy leather have come in handy when a stubborn goat has stepped hard on my toes.
The rain is on its way back, so time to pull the stiff, dry clothes in off the line. No wind today to beat them soft, but that's o.k. too.
I was blessed today, I had to get a paint brush at Lowes, and get some wallpaper border for the bathroom, we are sprucing up that room too. I found what I liked and carried it to the front to pay, when right by the check out there was a table of things for 25 cents and under. Wallpaper border caught Melanie's attention and sure enough, there was as if just meant for us, a border I loved more than what was in my hand. Each roll 20 cents ! Melanie found some for her house too, all 20 cents a roll of 15 feet. Yup, life is full of blessings, around every corner. Even long skirts hanging on the line is a blessing with so few days to dry clothes this summer.


Peggy said…
I wish some of your rain would come this way! Without rain I am still blessed to have beautiful sunny days to get my outside chores done. Have a great weekend and can't wait to see your bathroom and kitchen
nancyr said…
I love to hang clothes outside, too.
It smells so good, and if there is a breeze, things come out pretty wrinkle free.
You got a great deal on walllpaper border! Love that red check paper for your kitchen.
Patty said…
Hi Grancy,
I just love red, so when I saw that wallpaper I had to have it !
nancyr said…
I used a red check wallpaper, in a bathroom, in a house we used to own in Texas. It was my favorite room in the house!
I am anxiously awaiting pictures of your remodeling!

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