Aware of My Words, an apology if I offended

When I post something and it is taken in the wrong way, there are a few options, first is to examine myself, check my motives for writing something, think about what kind of mood I was in when I wrote it, and then decide what is the best thing to do.
First off, let me say my post about blogging was for myself, to examine my goals for blogging, and to stick close to the things I hold dear in my heart. I was not trying to "convert" anyone to my thinking, or belittle anyones blog. I didn't intend to make anyone feel bad. I was making myself look at my own direction. My own life.
All my life I have had a disdain for materialism. Its a no way street, not even a one way street. I have in my nearly 53 years now, on the 15th I will be 53 so am practicing saying it, anyway in my life I have seen parents believe the myth that children need so many things that the parents are willing to defer time spent with the child to purchasing things for the child. I have seen families wracked by credit card debt because they "needed to look good", and I have seen people whose homes are so filled with possessions that it holds them hostage. Now I agree that stark and bare is pretty boring, but those homes are few and far between these days. I just wish and hope that people find the true value of life while they are living it.
I have heard from more than one lady that has measured her value against a blog writer that appears to have it all. There are lots of folks out there with fragile self esteems, for a multitude of reasons, and seeing others with so much more than they think they have, is heartbreaking for them, they feel like failures. I can't save all the fragile souls out there but I can work on watching what I myself write about. We are blessed at this stage of life with more than we have ever had, so its easy to spend more. I guess all I wanted to say in my post, that I have deleted since it came off in a way I didn't mean it, (I used poor writing skills for explaining deep feelings) is that I personally don't want to cause anyone to feel bad, to stumble. To feel they ought to have this or that, the tangible things that money can buy no matter if you really have it or not. Too many people in debt out there and I don't want to make anyone feel like they should buy anything to live a simple life. Or that you need this or that in order to live simply.
I just want to concentrate more on finding joy in the very things of the heart that cannot rust, be stolen, rot or be destroyed. Faith in God is the foundation for the strength, but inner peace, the kind that comes from our walk with God brings us happiness, not the shout kind of happiness but the inner kind that can never be taken, only given away if we so choose.
Showing off my stash of fabric, or my fancy china may just cause someone to wish for such things. My stash of fabric is over indulgence. I don't need that much fabric, I just wanted it and laughed about how over the top it is, and that measured by my thinking is really not a good thing. The same for my crafts waiting to be done. I am like a child with too many toys, I can't decide which to play with next, and get distracted. It's just like over eating, over buying and overspending are all in the same category. No one ever likes to hear the bible verses that speak about gluttony, its unpleasant and personally it makes me feel, oh so guilty.
I want to speak about my journey to move past the over indulgences we are so bombarded with.


nancyr said…
I think I understand how you feel. I like pretty things, too. I have many, but many were passed down to
me, which makes them more special. I have also purchased pretty things for my home. I will not, and should not apologize for wanting and loving those things, and you should not feel at all guilty for having, and loving pretty things.
I, too, question religion. I am a very spiritual person, but I don't go to church. I believe, buy I question. I think if you are intelligent, you will question, and not blindly follow.
We are constantly changing and "evolving" and that is good.
I know that when we are facing adversity, most of us turn to God, or a higher power. That shows we have faith. On more than one occasion I have asked for a sign, and have gotten "smacked upside the head" with one so perfect, I have to believe. You have described that happening to you too.
We don't have to be "followers" to believe.
Patty said…
thanks Grancy, I too have so many beautiful things handed down to me, and I love beauty, but I so worry about those folks that spend more than they have, or covet, or feel the need to go beyond what they have in order to fill their houses. I can honestly sit and count the excess I have that could have been spent on a higher need and not just my want of the moment.
I wish you wouldn't have deleted it because really it was true to what you were thinking in that moment. It didn't come off as pushing your ideals onto others at all. It was an inner contemplation that was posted. As a regular reader, it was very true to you. I don't ever feel that your talking about "items" impacts others but that could be just where I am coming from, and I never feel that you are trying to change anyone's are just sharing your own. I'm sorry that someone made you feel the need to take away your words, because your words were in no way offensive. At times, it is wise to re-evaluate the direction of one's blog and that is what you were doing.

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