Special Saturday

In less than 10 hours Melissa will be arriving in Texas....oh we are all so excited to have her here with us for a week. Thanks James for parting with her for a while so we can have her ! This morning the conversation was all about who is going to the airport to pick her up, its been decided that as many of us as can fit in the old station wagon will go. For weeks we have been planning all the fun things we want to do, the places she wants to eat for some good old Texas food, but most of all I look forward to our long talks, in the computer room after everyone else has gone to bed. We have deep philosophical conversations where we solve the worlds problems and talk about the things dear to our hearts. This daughter of mine is a carbon copy of her dad, they think alike, eat alike, talk alike and see the world the same way. Melanie is like me, so its easy to understand the girls thinking. Steven, he is more me than his dad too but has the steady hand of his father when it comes to working for his family. We will all sit around the table, bow our heads in prayer before each meal time as Emery asks the Lord to guide and protect. Then we will tell old stories on one another, laugh some an then laugh some more. Hours will slip by, but still we will be sitting around the table, like my family did when I came to visited my mothers family and back as far as you can go. We are a long line of talkers at the table. I learned the fine art of debate at the dining room table as a child, as did my own children.
Melissa will get to meet her nieces for the first time. Lots of pictures will be taken. Life really is wonderful. When it comes down to it, life is all about loved ones, about family and being together and sharing memories and plans for the future. I am blessed indeed.


Christine said…
It's wonderful you get that special family time to sit and talk and enjoy each other and love each other. That's something I never had with my family as a child and always longed for. Now that I have my own kids I pray all the time that when they're grown we will all still be close.

Have a wonderful time!

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