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From Kelli over at its show and tell Friday again. Amazing to me how fast the days pass and its already Friday. I like to think long and hard about what to share on this show and tell day. To make it more than just a "thing" or part of the "stuff" that I have. This morning I decided to share something from our simple lifestyle. Something that takes me back in time, something that provides a needed item for us. Something that reminds me of the joy of things done the old way. Something spoken about in Proverbs 31....verse 13 says, "She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands."
My spinning wheel is an Ashford Traveller. I have had it for about 15 years now and love it. Its a double drive which is great. If you are interested in a wheel like this, check out Spinning has to be one of my all time favorite passtimes. Its relaxing, and it provides me with fine yarn for my families needs.


Bertha said…
That is the coolest thing! I would love to learn to spin, among many other things that I don't have the time to do...but spinning looks like it would be relaxing.

Thanks for sharing!

~MJ @
Susan said…
I think spinning wheels are so beautiful.
Kelli said…
Your spinning wheel is beautiful and that is such a cozy corner of your home.

Susie said…
Spinning is almost a lost art. How wonderful that you find it both relaxing and useful for your needs :)
Christine said…
Ever since I was little I've been drawn to spinning wheels. I've always wanted one. I'm sure it would be another thing that I learned to do but then never touched again (I'm really bad for that - my hobby is really learning new things, not doing new things, lol) So I've never really tried finding one. I don't want to spend a bunch of money on something I'm not sure I'd use a lot. BUT I found out not too long ago that there is one somewhere in a closet in my in-laws' house that belonged to my husband's grandma. They have a large house with tons of closets that are stuffed full so where it is exactly is anybody's guess. I'd love to dig it out someday and give it a spin (HA no pun intended!!). My question though is where do you actually get the raw wool? I have an aunt who used to have sheep on her acreage and she used their wool but she moved into the city now and obviously can't have sheep roaming around her front lawn. Though that would be an interesting sight!
Marci said…
Pat, mine is an Ashford also. It is the traditional. I need to do more spinning. I was trying to show someone recently and was having trouble keeping it from breaking.
2 LMZ FARMS said…
That is one thing that I would love to learn. Spinning is a lost art. It looks like it would be so peaceful and content. I hope ya'll aren't going to get any bad weather from the storms heading that way. Hoping that maybe we will get just rain off of Dean. We sure need the rain. Have a blessed day.
What a fabulous juxtaposition: a spinning wheel, the ancient art of spinning, still being practiced today, side by side with (shown on) the Internet, blogs and computers! And in a sense, computers are the new "spinning wheel" that can spin words and make beautiful tapestries when well used. Your spinning wheel is beautiful, and I like knowing that this lovely art is still being put to use in the world in which we live.
Marcie said…
Belated Birthday Wishes, Patty! :)

I nominated you for a "Nice Matters Award" today. Read about it here:
I live in south Louisiana so we have no such creature down here. LOL But I would love to sit and watch you do that, I bet it is very soothing to do and to watch. I also love the pictures of your family. The goat is too cute, looks as if it's saying Hey look at me. lol
Kitty (at homesteadblogger)
Julieann said…
Your spinning wheel is beautiful!!

LBP said…
That is just awesome. I have never tried to spin, but whenever we attend craft fairs I seem to be drawn to anyone there who is spinning. Watching wool become yarn is amazing.

Barbara H. said…
I have seen people using them at places where they reenact historical times. Lovely!

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

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