Cleburne Birthing Center

I was so impressed by the birthing center where wee Miss Elizabeth entered the world. When we walked in the door, it felt home like, comfortable and most certainly pleasant to the eye. Decorated with the utmost care. Upstairs the birthing rooms look like home, decorated so pretty, yet complete with all the things needed for a safe birth. Steven and Priscilla's midwife is girl we have known for years, a homeschooling friend of Melissa's, now a young woman, but somehow mothers tend to keep thinking of their children and their children's friends as girls (or boys) for a very long time! Molly is truly gifted in her skills as a Midwife. Lori the CNM, was there too and I was very impressed by her knowledge and skills as well. The birthing center has a wonderful tub for labor, which Priscilla got to use and said it was very helpful. I was so impressed by the level of care both mom and baby were receiving there. The midwives were professional and yet personal and comforting, tender hearted to the needs of all there. I have to admit to coveting the tub, with its warm water jets, lights, depth and beautiful setting.
Take a look at the website I have added a link to the birthing center on my list of links too.
One of the birthing suites
another view of the suite
One area of the suite Priscilla was in
a couple shots of the tub, loved the lights !


krebzepplin83 said…
dang... i just wanna steal that tub!
~Jennifer said…
Oh, what a lovely place! It reminds me of my midwife's birthing center. I don't think her tub has the blue lights though. That is just cool!
JacquiG said…
What a beautiful and cosy place. Much better than the sterile hospital I remember. I don't think I even heard of birthing centres 28 years ago. And I just love that bathtub!
Robin J. said…
Congratulations Patty! I'm so excited for you. Elizabeth is gorgeous! I see Sunny on Wednesday, so I'll tell her in case she hasn't heard. Blessings to all!
I love this concept and am so glad to hear that your daughter-in-law was able to use the tub then. Water births are such great ideas as the babies truly are entering the world in a familiar environment then. Glad everything turned out well!
Unknown said…
I lived in Cleburne 25 years ago when my youngest son was born. No birthing center there at that time, of course -- had to drive in to Ft. Worth for his birth. Glad to know Cleburne is keeping up with the times!

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