A Most Perfect Birthday Celebration

The birthday table all set
Emery, Casi, Melanie and Mei-Ling in her birthday hat
Debbie, Melissa, Me and Priscilla Priscilla, Elizabeth, Steven and part of Emery
Matt with Mei-Ling
Melissa with Mei-Ling
Aunties Melissa and Melanie with Elizabeth

Grammie holding Elizabeth
Mei-Ling with her Daddy
Friends and family surrounded me with their love tonight as we celebrated my birthday. The warmth of this little gathering filling me with something so deep and joyful that words seem inadequate to express the way I felt. Cards from my children filled with words of love and appreciation, of which they may never fully understand how much they mean to me. I felt just like a happy mother hen with my chicks all near me. I felt like my heart could burst from pride in each one of them and so happy to know my children's friends so well that they feel just like family to me. Its so easy to forget that they are not related. Debbie is just like a sister to me, and my children don't even remember she is not a blood relative, she is just Auntie Debbie.
Cake and dinner made with the capable hands of a daughter, decorations fun and celebratory. Gifts chosen carefully, just for me...symbols of love and of knowing just what I would love.
I will sleep soundly tonight, a smile on my lips, joy in my heart and a level of contentment that surpasses words. Thanks family, all of you, for the wonderful day ! You are all my joy : )


Sunny said…
Happy HAPPY birthday!
Dawn said…
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday God Bless You...
Happy Birthday to you!!!!

It sounds like a super special day for you and I couldn't be more happy that everyone was there to celebrate your day with you. I know you will cherish the memories forever.
The pictures were wonderful, just wonderful!
Thank you for inviting us bloggers into a glimpse of your party!

Marianna said…
A very happy birthday to you! Your celebration sounds lovely.
Peggy said…
That is a perfect birthday! Family, friends, and grandbabies!
Marci said…
I loved the pictures!!! I do have one question though. Who is Matt?

I am so glad you were surrounded by those you love.
Patty said…
Hi Marci,
Matt is Casi and Melanies friend

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