Amish & Mennonite Catalogs

Both Gohn Brothers and GVS have some good old fashioned quilting supplies. Gohn Brothers sells fabric along with many other Old Order Amish items, such as Amish and Plain clothing, hard to find items that are honestly just that. They have been in business for over 100 years. We have been doing business with them for many years and have always been happy with whatever we have ordered.
They will send out fabric samples too.
GVS has wonderful old fashioned toys for children along with many other items used by Mennonites. Cotton diapers, shoes, socks, greeting cards, and they have a large assortment of quilting threads and some quilting patterns.
And other sewing needs.
Both catalogs are a must for simple living needs.
Telephone numbers to order a catalog are...
GVS 1-800-398-2494
email for them is
Gohn Brothers phone is 1-800-595-0031, since they are old order Amish there is no email address for them, but their snail mail address is
Gohn Bros.
Box 1110
Middlebury, IN 46540-1110


Inga said…
I hope one day to be able to visit an Amish community. Please keep on posting Amish-related stuff. It's so interesting

BTW, it was nice to see how you look like. It feels like I know you more now.

Tracey said…
I get both of these catalogs too. LOVE them! GVS just recently though. Some Mennonite friends of mine got me hooked on it. Love their stuff, and you're right, they are great to do business with. :o)
Finn said…
I was surprised to see Gohn Bros. name mentioned..wasn't expecting that..LOL. I've bought mail order fabric and supplies from them over the years, but not in the last 5 or 6. The funny little 9 patch I showed awhile back was made from a calico samples feature they have. I didn't want any of the calicos, but couldn't bear to waste the fabric either..LOL. Isn't it a small world??? You in Texas and me in WI..both using Gohn Brothers in Indiana..LOL
Rurality said…
There is also Lehman's, which sells a lot of stuff to the Amish in Ohio. (Mostly appliances, grain mills, & such.) They have a website, and we were lucky enough to visit there a few years ago - great store.
Anonymous said…
Thanks I had the 1st one but not second one :) I linked back to you.
SCStacey said…
Do these companies charge for their catalogs? I just found your blog and have enjoyed it so far.

Patty said…
no they do not charge for a catalog

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