Babies Babies and More Babies

Today was the baby shower for Priscilla. What a delightful event, filled with friends, and beautiful gifts for our sweet Miss Elizabeth. I was too busy holding babies to take many pictures... after all holding grand-babies is the most important aspect of any gathering.
The house was filled with balloons, cake decorated with pink, pink flowers, pink gift bags and there was even pink punch on the table to drink.
Here are a few pictures from the day. I feel so incredibly blessed to have such love all around me all the time.
As you can see in the pictures there were several babies in attendance today. All so sweet and precious.
Elizabeth and her two cousins, Emily and Mei-Ling
Priscilla and Elizabeth
The wee Miss Elizabeth
My new favorite picture of my sweet daughter in law
Lots of pretty new baby things


krebzepplin83 said…
zomg i think i might be pregnant!!
Anonymous said…
I love baby showers after the baby is born.

Teresa said…
Priscilla must've been smiling the first time Steven laid eyes on her...what a winning smile! He didn't have a chance! Usually she looks so somber in pictures, probably doesn't feel comfortable having her pic taken. Like someone else? (smiling) Me either.

I'm so glad you've had such a lovely week of vistors and grandbabies and the shower. Thanks so much for sharing.
Marci said…
I love seeing Priscilla smile. I hope she loosens up and does a whole lot more of it.

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