A Changing World

For me, the world is becoming less pleasant at times and mostly due to social media and the way our lives are connected to it now, as opposed to in the days before things like Facebook, Twitter, etc.   This new technology has given us something with amazing possibilities, however, we all are seeing how it turns folks against one another if there is a disagreement on subjects like politics or religion, or even what sort of food you should eat.  So often we see that people are not willing to just simply agree to disagree.    Young people are subjected to fake "norms" and media telling them what they should and should not look like.   One single cyber bully can turn a child into such a wounded person that they end their lives.  At least in my day, people acted civil out of good manners, even if they were jerks at home.  Ethical behavior was something we all knew about and respected.   There was a code of behavior that people expected...of course there are exceptions on all sides of this, but I remember so well, ladies gossip never turned into bullying or said to that persons face or in front of others that would cause shame.   Again, there were exceptions.  Now here I am really going to show my age and mention that I really don't like all the bad language,  So many times I read something on line and think, "well, that was kinda funny, except the language was too foul for me to even read.  
I guess, the ugliness of the political arena right now on both sides has me sad, and unsettled feeling.   Loosing hope that we are a UNITED STATES, with a common goal of working together.    Its all made me dream of living in a by gone era...rose colored glasses on.   It makes me wish once again for that naive mindset that I had when we had no television, didn't listen to the radio,  didn't have Internet or wifi or smart phones.   I suspect this mood will pass and perhaps it just reflects a feeling of pulling away from all that presses on us these days.   Or perhaps, just perhaps, I want to be a happy ostrich with my head happily buried in the sand of my own peaceful, old fashioned life.
Think I will go light my kerosene lamp and read a book, an old book.


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