Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wintery Winds

The wind outside my window is howling like a winter storm. I remember so well being a child and hearing that lonesome howl of the cold north winds of a New England winter. Tonight sounds a bit like that....the window open a bit, creating that cold wind sound just like in the movies. It makes me shiver and want to pull on some heavy wool socks and pile on some more blankets on my bed. Its not that cold out, it just feels nippy compared to this mornings temperatures. I am already thinking of hot oatmeal for breakfast, and hot chocolate.
Emery will have a fire roaring in the stove by the time I wake from my sleep in the morning.
Such a fine man, this husband of mine is. I watched our children tonight speak about their dad in such a respectful loving tone. They admire him, look up to him and yet he is so full of kindness and love that he is still a safe place for them to turn to when they have a question or a worry. Our table tonight was filled with laughter, happy conversation and a bond of love, so strong. The children love to share stories from their childhood, bringing their spouses to those times and places with the tales of adventure.

Now, with the house quiet, except for the wintry winds howling, along with the yipping of a distant coyote. Its time for bed, time to blow out the lights, climb the little steps up to my bed, sink down into the feather bed, pull up the mounds of blankets, and let dreams fill my sleepy head. Its been a good day.

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Kimmers said...

I just have to say I love your blog! It's such a blessing! I found you from Marci.

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