Friday, November 30, 2007

I Purchased a treat for myself today

Fridays I get my allowance. The word allowance doesn't bother me, it doesn't make me feel like I am a child, its actually kind of fun. I get $20 a week, which is twice what I got when the children were home and we had more expenses. Now, I had the check book with me today too, to buy the things we needed for the home and for a stop at the feed store, which I love by the way, old squeaky wooden floors, a well worn wooden counter, a receipt machine that you sort of crank, and not a computer in sight. There was a Dearborn gas heater with a couple chairs by it, and a few buckets of pecans, some cracked already and some waiting to be done. An old farmer sitting there chatting with the help. There are butter churns and crocks on a dusty shelf, people still use them, they are not just for decorating. When I walk in, they start filling my order before I ever say a word. Now back to the allowance thing. On Fridays when I get my allowance I head off to Goodwill Thrift Store. They know me by name there too. Hummmm, that must mean I go there on the book display there were several hardback knitting books. I nearly gasped out loud when I saw the two I grabbed up. I love fair isle and Scandinavian knitting so these books were better than good chocolate to me. That's saying a lot !
$1 for each book. I cradled them in my arms as I walked around the store, a treasure that will provide me with hours of knitting pleasure, and maybe, just maybe it will inspire me to finish this afghan in the picture that is more than a couple years old. The pattern I had for the main body of the afghan was wrong, I ended up taking out about 10 rows of over 200 stitches. Needless to say that discouraged me. In one of these books there is just the right pattern for this afghan body !
So my treat for the day, two knitting books for me, also found flannel sheets for our bed at Goodwill and then I had an Iced Hazelnut Iced Coffee from McDonald's. Coffee is a real weakness for me and from time to time I have gone to Starbucks, thanks to gift cards given with love by my son to his coffee loving mother, but now I have decided that McDonald's has better coffee for a fraction of the money. What I really need to do is get out that percolator of mine and make myself a good pot of coffee.


Lib said...

Even living the Simple side a nice treat is a good thing. I don't go to the thrift shops like I use to ,I have been more lately. Went to an Antique/collectables today with DH and we locked ourselves out of the car. lol Thank Goodness for sister's in an emergency.
Your outing sounds fun.:o)
I am Blessed with Family and Friends we often buy for each other (gifts) at thrift shops and we enjoy it.:o) I do know some who would be highly offended if you gave them a Thrift find Treasure.
Blessins', Lib

Angelena / CountryLife said...

What a great find! I love going to the goodwill stores, Our local goodwill is an hours drive away - so I don't get there too often. We have a local thrift store that I frequent.

Carrie J said...

We have a local thrift store that has all clothes at $1. I found 3 shirts and a pair of pants yesterday. I was very happy because I am hard to fit. A real blessing.
My husband calls Starbucks "Fourbucks". LOL. We get coffee when we are out from
a local chain that has great coffee for .69.

Diane said...

You are a treasure and an inspiration.

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