Mei-Ling has gained some weight !

For all of you that have prayed for Mei-Ling to gain some weight, the good news is, she has and its starting to show. We will get an exact weight on her next Doctor visit but unofficially, she has gained a pound in just a short time. We can see a change in her little cheeks, they are starting to fill out some. We are so thankful for all the prayers.


Hazel said…
She is such a sweetie!
Tina Leigh said…
She looks mighty perty to me Patty & healthy looking. She has never looked under wt. Yep I would say she's just right for giving up plenty of good sugar! lol! I'm glad she's doing well. Prayer does work.
What a precious face!!! Give her a smooch on each fat cheek from Aunt Marci!!!
Patty said…
I sure will Marci !

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