Sunday, November 11, 2007


I feel tired, worn out sort of feeling, not sleepy tired
I feel less interest in the things that used to interest me... the big clincher on this is that I have no desire to have our annual German Christmas party, extremely strange for me.
My eyes have been dry and scratchy
I have some heart palpitations, even though I take potassium for my mitral valve prolapse
If I don't eat, I feel shaky, as if I had low blood sugar, but my blood sugar is fine
I want to talk less, dislike talking on the phone, (that is not normal for me)
I have not ran in months, too worn out feeling, I love to run so this is strange
I cannot loose weight no matter how hard I try
I want to eat more sweets and breads.
I am a bit grouchy, (no comments)
I feel a bit old, achy kind of old
Caffeine was a friend of mine as it got me going for a few hours.
I have not moved the furniture around in the living room for months ! A sure sign that something was amiss.

The list has been forming for a good six months...making me feel a bit concerned. I have been not the normal me. No one has said anything to me, but you know how you know yourself well and I knew something was not right. I heard about Oprah's ordeal of late with her health and some of what she said fit my health concerns.
So, a test and sure enough, my thyroid is off. It was a great relief to know that how I was feeling was not just old age creeping up on me. Today was my first day taking a thyroid pill, all natural, none of this synthetic stuff for me thank you. And honestly I feel better already. This could be from just knowing what the problem is and knowing it can be turned around, but honestly it feels like the pill is helping already.
For 6 months at least I have been feeling so weary, thinking it was all due to the past years stresses, I just thought time and rest would put me back on my feet. Now I know that my thyroid just rebelled from the stresses and to peri-menopause .
Pay attention to the signs your body gives you, listen to what its trying to tell you !


Frgl Ldy said...

Goodness! I'm glad you found out what is wrong and can take steps to feel better! Hugs!

Rowan said...

Thyroid problems are pretty common in older women, I've been taking medication for an under-active thyroid for several years but I was lucky and didn't get the symptoms you describe, just swellings on my neck which disappeared once I was on the medication. It takes about three weeks for them to get into your system properly and then you should be fine. It's amazing how, once you mention it, so many women say 'oh,yes, I have take thyroid medication too'.

Mimi said...

I know it is a relief for you to know why you have felt so bad... we tend to brush the messages aside that our bodies are trying to tell us...but I am happy for you that you finally listened to yours...
I hope you are feeling up to your old self very soon

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Glad to hear that atleast the problem was solved. Hope you get to feeling better and back to yourself. Hope you and yours have a blessed day.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Patty, I am so happy to hear that you have found out what the problem is and are taking steps to regain your help! I am happy, too, that you hadn't completely given up on blogging because I enjoy your blog immensely. It does my heart good. But I can easily see how it could become a burden and you must feel free to do what you feel is right about this. I support whatever you decide. (if that matters! It sounded a bit pompous as soon as I wrote it.) Hope you have a great day and are beginning to feel your own self again. My mother had thyroid problems and medication seems really good at fixing this.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

That was supposed to be regain your health, not help! I'm a bit sleepy this morning. Up too late after a dinner at friends that ended with too much strong coffee in the evening.

Annie said...

I am glad you found out what the problem was and I hope you get back to feeling like yourself again real soon!

Iowa Gal said...

I'am so glad you found out what was wrong. Could you tell us what kind of natural thyroid medication you are taking??

Patty said...

Hi Iowa gal,
I opted for the bovine tyroid pills found in just about any health food stores. There are vegertarian tyroid support capsules but at this point I wanted to take care of the problem quickly and with a sure success, the herbal support pills would take up to 8 weeks or more.

Jacran Cottage said...

I started getting a little concerned there, but I'm glad you found out what the problem was. Hopefully you'll be back to feeling like yourself real soon.

Sandra said...

I had the same thing. I said to the doc "I feel like a giant slug" and now am on thyroid tablets forever. They gave me a bit of zing at first but now I don't feel they're working so well. I'm putting it down to pre-menopause now. I'm so glad you're feeling better and have a new zest for life :-)

Catherine said...

I'm glad you found out what the problem was. I hope you start feeling like your old self soon.

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