Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Homestead Heritage Craft and Childrens Fair

In the 16 years we have lived in Texas we have attended this annual craft fair about 15 times. Each time its been a wonderful blessing. We often go there on weekends for a bite to eat at their deli and do a bit of shopping in their stores. Please visit their web site
to see how this community lives and what amazing workmanship and craft they do.
I would strongly suggest a visit this coming weekend to Homestead if you are within 5 hours travelling time of Elm Mott Texas, (just outside of Waco) You will not be disappointed if you love to see soap making, candle making, spinning, weaving, basket making, quilting, blacksmithing, woodworking, draft horse work, and more. The music is great too. Its free to attend, just pay a small fee for parking.
Here is a link for some of my pictures of Homesteads Craft fair, just look at the entries for the 26th


Kimmers said...

Oh this makes me miss Texas. We just moved a few months ago to Cincinnati from Arlington. I went to this fair the last two years. I got some wonderful soap and really good chesse.

Lib said...

Thanks for sharing the website, what a neat Fair. Hope ya'll have a great time.
Blessins', Lib

Annie said...

This looks like a wonderful fair to see! I wish I lived close enough to visit it. Have a good time and I cant wait to see your photos!

Catherine said...

This sounds like such fun. Wish I were a bit closer to visit.

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