New Collection At MorningRamble Gifts

There is a new Note Card Collection called "Tea Time" at
MorningRamble Gifts Take a peek and tell me what you think.
Can you tell I am excited about them !


T*mmy said…
They are beautiful!

I've become a hot tea drinker since becoming a blogger. I now have 5 mismatched sets of cups and saucers and one mini teapot (all but two gifts from bloggers). I dream of owning a full set one day!
they're lovely. Is that Irish Beleek in the upper right corner? I have a few pieces of Irish beleek.
Shellie said…

All of the cards are so lovely! You really have a good eye for photography.
Patty said…
Hi Niki,
Yes, its Beleek, my sister gave me several pieces as birthday gifts.
sunny Sunny said…
Patty, my favorite photo is "tea-time rose". so artistic.

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