Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Little Broader Path

It's not the super highway, and its not the narrow rocky path in the picture of the last post. Its where the pendulum swung me to today. I get caught up the familiar, the world of the past for me at times. Hard not to really. But we left that life and always I am glad we did. I have no regrets, just at times there is a longing for the good parts of the past. The friendships, the commonality of walking the same kind of path, the sense of community, but then there is the narrow mindedness, and the lack of enthusiasm for living, and the fatalistic approach to so many aspects of life. Those are things I don't miss. I don't miss the straight jacket mentality, the fear of doing wrong and the lack of joy. The idea that its wrong to tell your child she is pretty, or praise them for a job well done with fear they might just take credit for what is good in themselves and fail to give God all the credit.
When I put myself back into this plain world, I enjoy it for a bit, but very quickly and with many reminders from ALL my children and husband, I remember what was numbing and stifling.
So here is to life, the joy of it, the beauty of a red dress, of musical instruments, of learning, of seeking and of expression, to tie dye socks and hiking boots and to healthy eating !
I want to enjoy my simple life. Taking steps forward is so much better than taking them backwards


Woody said...

It is always nice to look over my shoulder at where I've been as I trudge on.


I almost asked how I found your blog...I found ya'll through hidden haven.

Rebecca said...

I love this passage you are talking about, infact my Bible study this week had this passage in it. I think it's great because the Christian life isn't easy, there will be struggles but we are called to be different from the world. Walking down the narrow path is certainly different and when we face the problems that come up from living this way (ridicule,judgement,etc) we can now that we are doing the right thing. Even if we don't see the reward from it now it is in Heaven waiting for us.
I am not new to your blog just a new poster. I love your blog though. It is very thought provocing.

Frgl Ldy said...

You know what? Your simple life is perfect for you and that's all that matters. I love reading your blog entries. Makes me stop and remember where I came from. :-)I can't say enough how much I enjoy reading it.

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