Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Winter Like Morning

The north wind blows cold this morning. As I write, the chill has not been chased out of the house this morning yet, as the fire is just coming to life. Emery and I have our jackets on in the house. Not and uncommon sight around here in early morning. I have been outside picking the green cherry tomatoes before frost arrives tonight. Later I will pick the rest of the big green tomatoes and cook some fried for supper. The sky is filled with floating bands of gray clouds, appearing like the ribbons in a young girls hair as she runs down a hillside. The grass grows more hay like in color daily, but is strewn with the colors of fall leaves. Granted, in Texas, our fall colors are mostly muted and in my thinking a bit dull compared to the colors of fall I grew up with in New England, but still I have learned to appreciate the shades of brown with hints of yellow and orange to them. I planted 4 red oak trees and they give me color, bright reds and oranges in autumn, but they have not put on their mantle of color yet. This upcoming frost should hasten that.
The wind is blowing fiercely at this moment, bending the trees outside my window and making fall leaves blow in little circles on the ground. I love the sound of fall winds, they remind me of winter and I do love winter. For me, it is a time of home activities. Staying put and pulling out the knitting and quilting projects. Sitting by the fire. Having the house fill up with good smells as food simmers all day long on the wood stove. Curling up with an afghan on the sofa, reading a good book and of course there is Christmas to look forward too.
The birds have yet to seek out the feed in the many bird feeders by my window here. Perhaps tomorrow when they are needing to burn so many calories in the frosty temperature, they will find the food.
A growling tummy is reminding me its time for breakfast....


Dawn said...

I look forward to getting to Texas next year Sister! I hope we may be able to visit one another, I really do. :)

Funnt to hear that there is frost over there already.

Here in Germany it's in the 30's at night / early morning and upper 40's during the day, and of course either gloomy or wet. It's always like that here except for the few weeks of summer. :)

The Lord bless thee!

Patty said...

I do hope you get to visit us when you are in Texas. Will you be in Killeen ? If so thats not far at all from us, maybe 100 miles or less

Dawn said...

No we will be in Arlington, which of course is much farther than Killeen! :( But we can always figure out a half way point when I get there :)

Patty said...

I was just thinking Killeen is military, we are just a bit south of Ft Worth so Arlington is very close !

Dawn said...

My husband is getting out of the Army next year and going to college in Arlington so that's where we will be!
Cool..we are closer than I thought!!! This is so exciting!!
There are other sisters that I blog with that are in the Dallas area or the surrounding area and we all can't wait to meet! I am so excited!!!
*doing the happy dance*

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