I am so blessed

Time for sharing some pictures of Elizabeth that I took the other day. I feel so blessed to have children that love us and now to have grand-babies that love us too !
What a sweetie wee Miss Elizabeth is. She has started sleeping through the night once in a while so her parents are most happy. She is so kissable and smiles so freely. My little grand-daughters are our delight.


Dawn said…
Oh my gosh...I love these pictures!!! Love the little outfit she is wearing!!!! :)
CJ said…
These two little girls are soooo sweet (and photogenic)! Please would you enter me in your draw. Those notecards are amazing.
Look at those cheeks. Looks like she is storing nuts for the winter. She is adorable.

How did little Mei Ling do this morning?
T*mmy said…
You do have some beautiful granddaughters! =)
Lib said…
How Precious.I Love the outfit.
Do you ever wonder "Why you could not of had the Grands first?lol
Blessins', Lib
Catherine said…
Look at those cheeks! She's so adorable!!
Frgl Ldy said…
She's just precious!

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