Simply Be YOU !

To live simply, you don't have to be Amish, or a monk in a cave ( I am neither) just have to be yourself, content, not pressured by what society tells you you have to have in order to fit in.
You can live in the city, in an apartment, or in the country. You just have to be content to live without the need to impress or the need to reward yourself with things and stuff, that ends up ruling you somehow. We have chosen long ago to not buy into the hype about having to have what the Jones' have. I can stay out of the stores and walk in the morning in the fresh air and have so much more than what can be paid for.


Barb J. said…
We are striving to live a simple and contented life. Thanks for these words of encouragement.
Jessie said…
We decided to sell our TV today, and I suspect that it was largely influenced by your blog. Id like to thank you for that.
This is what simple living is all about!

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