Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Morning Gratitudes

It's been too long since I wrote out my list of gratitude's, or rather more appropriately called, blessings.

I wrote a post yesterday about how our shoes tell a bit about our personality and about how our homes do too, the way we decorate etc, well I went in to edit a line and somehow deleted the entire post. But I have decided to be grateful for that rather than unhappy. Leaving it up to divine providence. It was nothing profound anyway, and sounded a bit discontent since I mentioned my mood of wanting the Ikea look, that sort of super tidy modern, everything has its place kind of look. It was a passing mood, no doubt inspired by the weekend accumulation of papers and whatever on the coffee table.

Emery took me out to eat yesterday to the Cracker Barrel. We like it there. Our once a week unhealthy food, fried chicken. Sure tastes good. Our outing is taking me to the Monday morning gratitude list. You see, seated next to us, at the table beside us were two couples, obviously just coming from church, all dressed up, and one of them even mentioned the sermon of the day. One couple was in their 60's, the other couple with them was older, 70's I would guess. I am a woman through and through, so while I was talking with Emery and playing that silly game they have on the table, I was listening to the "neighbors" talk. Multi-tasking.

These fine folk were dressed to the hilt, sparkling diamonds on just about every finger of one of the ladies. Hair done up perfectly. Men all pressed and starched. But the conversation was like some sort of soap opera. Things like, " oh our son is such a mess, divorced now, his wife couldn't take all the drug use and finally when he shot himself, she had enough." " I am just sick and tired of hearing about it.". Later they chatted rather merrily about being shot at as they drove into their driveway and about how they mostly live separate lives from their spouses. It was sad. At that point I tuned them out. I was left feeling so grateful for my boring by comparison life..

I have so much to be grateful for, the blessings abound in my life.

Grateful that God never gets tired of me questioning everything.

A husband I love so much, he is gentle, kind, good and just easy to love.

Children I can be proud of, good people.

Two grandbabies that are fun, full of promise and such joy to all of us

A life that is simple and just what I have always wanted

Good health



After watching Oprah last week I am grateful for not being a collector or hoarder

I feel blessed by this feeling of contentment that keeps me steady on this homesteading life.

I feel blessed by the love of my family. Not a day goes by that I am not told that I am loved.

Grateful for the lessons nature teaches

And grateful for music and books !

There are many more things that can go on this list, but I have to get busy and get off the computer, things to do.

Life is good. What are you grateful for ?


CJ said...

Hi Patty, You may have seen my IP address come up in your stats last week. I spent a long, long time reading most of your archives. I'm so grateful to you for taking the time to record your daily life, struggles, thoughts etc. Thought I'd just say and I are at similar places in our lives although my husband and I had to take the path away from simple living for a long time and our sons did suffer for it - we all see the Lord working still!
I guess this is a fan letter of sorts...I like to know who's been reading my blog so (I'm introducing myself )I was working outside of my home this summer and am only just getting my mojo back! Thanks again for the really good honest and thought-provoking read!

Roxanne said...

Hi, I too have been a silence long time reader. I'm grateful for my family, and being able to stay home. We have been married for 33 years. I am grateful for you and the time you take to write your blog, it is the first thing I read in the morning, every morning we seem to have so much in common it's as you are a long time friend. I've been meaning to let you know how much I appreciate you, thank you for the perfect opportunity! Happy Thanksgiving, Roxanne

Lib said...

We have so many Blessins. I am Thankful for small and Large.
So many take so much for Granted such as the couple neighbors at C.B. now thats sad.
Hope you have agreat week and Thanksgiving.

eileen said...

I am thankful for my simple child; for my salvation of 30+ yrs.; for my almost-23rd anniversary to my dear beloved; I am thankful I shut out the world and am fully confident in His care over me. Much more, but then I'd have to do a post, when I only have time to be a 'commentor'! ;o) Thank you for this. More folk need to do this.

Patty said...

Nice to meet you cj, hope you will be a regular visitor to my blog. Will be checking out your blog tonight

Patty said...

Thanks Roxanne for your kind words. Its always nice to meet a kindred spirit !

Patty said...

Hi Lib,
I got a package today and boy did it make me smile. I will be posting about it later : )

Patty said...

Thanks Eileen for your comment. Life is so full of blessings

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