Urgent Prayer for Mei-Ling Needed

While at a local Doctors appointment, Mei-Ling had white puss like discharge from her diaper area. The Doctor said in all his years of practice he had never seen such a thing. He told Melanie to take the baby to Childrens hospital post haste. Please say a prayer for this little one. We have no idea what the problem is yet but we do know she needs some prayers


Carrie said…
Yes, I join with you in prayer for Mei-Ling. Have faith.
Dear Patty, I am praying for Mei-Ling and all your family. She has been through so much and is so sweet-spirited and well-beloved. I pray for you all.
Lucy said…
Dear Patty, she is in my prayers!
Marianna said…
She is in my prayers!
Jacran Cottage said…
She's in my prayers too Patty.
Kimmers said…
I am praying for that sweet girl!
Annie said…
Patty, She is in my prayers, Please keep us posted on how she is doing.

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