Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Chill in The Morning Air

After the last few days heat, the change in the air this morning is most welcome. I had just hung up a load of wash to dry when the sky darkened and in the distance was a very definite wind cloud. Rain was due any moment...I took a chance that the rain would just last a few minutes and left the clothes on the line, they were wet anyway. Sure enough with the wind, came rain, just about 4 minutes of it. The wind was cold, cold enough for me to wish I had shoes on and maybe even a sweater. We have seen the high temperature for the day at 9:30 in the morning. A strong cold front has arrived, prompting me to bring in more wood for the evenings fire and for in the morning. By 8:30 I had made 3 pies, washed clothes, folded the clothes that sat on the line over night, so soft from the breeze that blew all night long. I ran some this morning too, getting back into the swing of my daily running since my thyroid is back to normal.
Fall time brings with it for me, this need to nest, to prepare for the winter, must be something in my Yankee blood that makes me feel the need to cozy in for the winter, but in Texas, there is really very little winter. We have a few snowfalls each year, but they don't last. Cold we have, but peppered with warm spells. My need to "winter in" is not necessary, but every year I am faced with these same feelings. I even tend to want to bake and then of course eat what I bake. I suspect I could easily find myself hanging hams (well not hams since I don't eat pork but you get the idea) from the beams, along with having a root cellar full of apples, carrots buried in sand. Maybe though I do shop with a touch of that mentality. Seems like my cabinets are a bit more full in winter.
All this makes me think about many of the things we do that have no truthful foundation. I in truth do not need to stock up or winter in. You know the people that have 50 pairs of shoes because they didn't have good shoes as a child, or maybe its coats or jackets. Might even be bed linens. Living with childhood truths that are no longer truths for us now.
Something to think about...

a pine cone burns in the woodstove

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