Saturday, November 03, 2007

Simple Saturday

Emery is at work today and the house is mine. I decided NOT to get dressed but to stay in my pajama's for as long as I wanted. Lunch time rolled around quickly as I had been so busy sewing I lost track of time. I could eat what I wanted, well within reason (a meal of chocolate chip cookies is what sounded good but its not exactly good for me) Crumpets and tea sounded just perfect. A cup of Cherry Vanilla tea, two crumpets with Lime curd spread on them. I savored each and ever bit and sip. My stash of cherry tea is dwindling and so I must use restraint.
The sun peeked in and out from behind the clouds, unsure of what it wanted to do I guess. This type of hide and seek in the sky, creates some wonderful shadows.
After my little lunch I sat down to spin in the quiet part of the day. Music, low in the background, dulcimer music...perfect for spinning.
I thought about gift giving today. Thoughts of Christmas beginning to pepper conversations. I always thought that you should give gifts to who you want to, oh sure there are some of obligation but does it matter if you give a gift and don't get one in return ? I don't think so. My thinking runs along the line of I want to give a gift simply because I want to give one, has nothing at all to do with if I get one in return. Same thing for Christmas cards. I send them to people whether I get one or not.
I love Christmas card and would love to exchange with blog readers. If anyone is interested in exchanging Christmas cards, let me know in the comments or email me at
I suppose though I wouldn't be able to do more than say 50 : )
Time to get back to my spinning.... I need yarn for a new barn bonnet


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Patty, I would love to exchange Christmas cards with you. Your day sounded so peaceful and productive!Your blog is very comforting to me during this time which is still difficult. Thank you!

Patty said...

Kristi, email me at with your address and I will send mine to you. My prayers are with you, I cannot even imagine how difficult things must be for you.

Frgl Ldy said...

You need to stop these postings about your relaxing, guiet days in your cozy home b/c all it does is make me want to come join you and I can't afford a trip to TX right now! :-D

Lib said...

I agree 100% you don't give to get in return.So many seems to of lost the True Meaning of Christmas.
I'm almost finished with my Christmas gifts. I like to finish early ,relax and enjoy the true meaning of Christmas.I Love the Season most seems Loving and a wonderful spirit seems to be in the air, I really wish it could last all yr. So many are more giving this time of yr. But.......Hurt and Hunger is 365 days not just holiday time.
Have a Blessed day. Praying you Grand Child is better soon,She's been thru so much in her short little life.

mikesgirl said...

I too am thinking of and praying for Mei-Ling. I keep thinking that she just needs some rest from all the problems that have beset her. Your plan for the day does seem cozy and I was planning much the same thing - staying in the pj's as my dh is working in Arizona and won't be home til March. I am going to see him Wednesday though - happy day! I am wondering though - what is a barn bonnet?

Patty said...

Hi Mikesgirl
here is the link that shows my barn bonnet
it really is like a grown up baby bonnet, but has a nice little flap in the back that keeps your neck warm.

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