Friday, November 02, 2007

News on Mei-Ling and Christmas crafts

Mei-Ling was not admitted to the hospital but sent home with some strong antibiotics in hope they will clear up her urinary tract infection. Everyone was hoping those would end after her surgery but they haven't. She has to be checked in three days. We are all praying this doesn't mean her surgery will have to be done over. Poor little one....thanks for all your prayers and please continue to pray for her.
After such a long hard day of worry, and oh how Grammies heart strings were tugged, when they were putting the catheter in and Melanie was at her side but was just keeping her still, Mei-Ling decided maybe Grammie would rescue her from all this pain and held her arms out to me with big tears in her eyes. It broke my heart. Anyway, when I got home I got out some of my Christmas craft things and started working on new Christmas stockings for the family made of flannel. One stocking will be made for a Christmas stocking exchange I am taking part in too (see ) My cinnamon bears are ready to be given candy hearts and the cinnamon hearts are ready to be decorated. It sure smells good in my dining room with all that spice !
Thanks again everyone that prayed for Mei-Ling....and please if you think of it keep her in your prayers for the next few days.


nancyr said...

Praying for Mei-Ling. Hope the little one is back to normal very soon.
You are so creative! Love those photos. Makes me want to put on some Christmas music, and start crafting.
Love the red and the green oil lamps together.
Take care.

Patty said...

thanks for the prayers Nancy. The little green lamp came from Big Lots $4 !

Catherine said...

Awww..poor little Mei-Ling. I will be sure to keep her in my prayers. I'm all too familiar with having to deal with little ones having to be in the hospital.
God bless!

Kelly said...

My thoughts are with little Mei-Ling and your family, I hope the round of antibiotics does the trick for her. It always has amazed me the strength that is in children to deal with so much. May you all find peace this weekend.

Peggy said...

Marci will keep praying for Mei-Ling. I know your heart was breaking when she reached for you. If you would please say a prayer for my husband and I. There are some really hard things we are having to deal with right now. We have our love for each other and our Lord helping us through but would really appreciate the prayers.

Kimmie said...


Happy to pray for such a wee little lass. May God's hand bring her his perfect healing touch and may those that love her rest in his comfort and peace.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

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