Friday, November 02, 2007

Building Christian Character

When my children were young, we used this book by Blair Adams called Building Christian Character. It is extremely helpful in raising Christian Children simply because it has a list of problems that arise when raising children, such as talking back, being lazy, that sort of thing, then it tells what is behind that behavior. It might stem from a rebellious heart, or perhaps not showing honor. It's such a useful book because it gets to the root of the problem, not just dealing with the symptoms of what is much deeper. There was a chart for each child that went along with this, where they received stars for having their heart in the right place. The one thing this book did was uncovering any fake-ness. As much as I enjoyed the benefits of using this book when we were teaching the children from it, often times I found myself reading a section and feeling incredibly convicted on my own part. You couldn't run from the truth of discovering your own sin. I often wondered if my children saw in me what I was trying to cover up in myself or if when I read a chapter they saw my own rebellion. No one ever said anything, they always showed Emery and I the honor due parents, or at least until they were teens and trying to grow up, that is when there were a few slip up in the honor part but it was more of being caught in a place of transition between child and adult and the lines are often blurred there for a bit.
We have long since sold this book, and of course the charts have been retired for over a decade, but this week I thought I should get the book again and read it for my own benefit. Christian Character is almost always in need of being checked and we are in need of being held accountable. See things in the true light.
It is no secret to anyone that knows me, or anyone that reads this blog, since I mention it often, that I struggle with rebellion. I was raised to be so independent, so free thinking, with a "don't tread on me" sort of mentality, of which for me the fruit is rebellion to conformity, rebellion in being told how to do things etc. The reality of a meek and quiet spirit is just about as foreign to me as anything could be. That's not how I want it to be. Confessing a sin to God is not hard for me but confessing a fault or sin to another human is beyond difficult. Its horrendously hard.
Its easier for me to find some loophole and justify my attitude with a long discourse on the semantics of whatever can be worked in my favor.
I get too outspoken, too big mouthed at times. To zealous for pointing out the injustices in the world. My goal is to work on that, be more of a meek and quiet doubt family members are laughing here, wondering how in the world I think I can change, but you know, when you really want something and you seek after it in the right way, you can change with the help of God. I believe that. So here I say, humbly, I am sorry for my rebellion.


Peggy said...

I so need to read that book. I like you can talk to the Lord but have a very hard time saying I am wrong or sorry to others. Good post!

Lori Alexander said...

You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!!! Believe it! God said it and He doesn't lie. It is no longer you who lives but Christ who lives within you!

Patty said...

Yes, Lori, I have no doubt about that, but still our walk with Him is in constant need of improvement on our part. There is not a one of us that is perfect. We are all works in progress.

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