Mei-Ling has a new hat

Mei-Ling loves her hat from Finland. A friend of mine sent this as a gift for her and she loves this hat. It is the nicest fabric, easy to put on, stretchy, warm and so cute. Covers the ears to keep them nice an warm. I will see if I can get some information on if they are available on line. I think everyone should wear a Kimperi hat !
Thanks Outi !
New information
Sizes are Small (0-10mths), M (10mths-2,5years), L(2years-9years) and XL (from 9->). Adults wear these too :)
You can contact Kimperi by e-mail: info(at)
Orders from US should be made via e-mail.


hi noticed your blogging on kimperi hats - just to let you know that we sell kimperi hats in the UK and to US (and also a range of finnish products) from our site - thought you may be interested!

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