Homestead Heritage Craft and Childrens Fair

We had a wonderful day at the Craft fair. The weather was cold though, never getting above 45F which felt extra cold with the north wind and no sunshine.
Mei-Ling seemed to enjoy all the sights and sounds, she never cried once and we were there for nearly 5 hours. Casi had to work, so Melanie and Mei-Ling came along with Emery and I.
I will post more pictures tomorrow morning. Its been a long day and I am ready for bed.
We even got to meet a fellow blogger there !


Lib said…
Thanks for sharing the Beautiful pics. Really enjoyed seeing them .Glad ya'll had a good day.
Blessins', Lib
Mimi said…
it looks like so much fun to go to a craft fair... it has been quite a while since I have been to one...enjoyed the pictures...
Charity Grace said…
How interesting! I used to belong to Homestead Heritage. I've read your blog every now and then but didn't know you lived in that area.

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