Friday, November 30, 2007

What Do You Have That Other People Want ?

As I was sitting at the computer, gazing out the window for inspiration about what to write, I whispered a hasty prayer. Then I thought, how is it that I dared think of writing one word before praying about what I should write !
Yesterday a magazine came to our house for Melanie, it was something for newly married people about the first home. I glanced through it...glossy magazine in every aspect. I put the magazine down thinking to myself, "they have nothing I want." A thought that was a tiny seed has grown into a concept I want to govern my every word and deed.
What do I have that other people would want ? What is it I offer by example ? In blogland and in my life ?
What I want to have in my life that others might want is more than just a fancy table setting or a well appointed home, more than just recipes or shopping tips. Yes, those things are part of life, part of running a home, but I want those things to be secondary and no longer the central theme of me. I am beginning to see that life is very short, even living just 100 years seems to short a time. Taking time to concentrate on those things seems a waste to me, when people are in need for a deep and meaningful spiritual walk, people are lacking peace in their lives. People are in need of getting off the hampster wheel of owning bigger and better. I want to be more about having a life that is chasing after what moths and rust can never take. I want to have a life that is simple, stress free, not hugging money or what money can buy. I want my life to show a close relationship to God, not a religion, but a relationship with Him. I don't want to be all preachy and have an attitude of my way or no way. I want to have a life that is set apart from the rat race we call modern life and that takes time for sunrises, sunsets, the way leaves look as they fall and that fears no evil for God is with me.

I am taking a serious look at myself and my blog today, its always good to look inside once in a while. What do I have that other people want ? Is it that glossy magazine appeal ? I sure hope not. Is it just my recipes ? I sure hope not. Is it how to clean a house ? I sure hope not.
Is it about the "things" I have ? Again, I sure hope not.
Folks are always looking at the Amish and the conservative Mennonites for what they have that others wish they had. That simple life, uncomplicated by things such as wild children, worry about health insurance, being alone with no community to help you when in need, the simple rhythm to daily life, no need to keep up with the Jones' mentality, no fashion worries, children being a blessing and not a curse, being respected and having a faith that sustains you in all times. That is what they have to offer that other people want. What do you have that others want ? Is it quality and something lasting that you are offering ? Is it the way of peace and contentment, or are you stirring up peoples desire for more things, more stuff that won't give them something lasting ? If you are not a Christian, the questions still apply.
I feel like my christian life is new, revived, resuscitated after a long and lengthy journey searching for where the truth be found. It was a journey that took me full circle in some ways. In that time of searching I looked at what other people had, to see what I wanted, what would matter, it was a bit like being that servant in Cinderella, having to try and find who it was that fit the glass slipper. I tried that glass slipper of my spiritual thirst on a lot of feet before I came to realize the foot was right in my face the whole time.
I have a long way to go in all of live in such a way as to draw people to desire a walk with God that will change their lives !


Annie said...

Very profound words, You always make me step back and think about my life and how I want to be for God, my Family and my self. I dont want to worry about what others think or what they have, I am working with God to find contentment in what I already have and what examples I can set by living my life on that proverbial narrow road and that will always lead me to find what God thinks I need and not always what I want, for me that is where I find the most comfort!
Thank you again for your inspiring words of wisdom, they mean a lot to me!

mikesgirl said...

Patty - this post comes at a very good time for me to answer it. I am a faithful reader of your blog and when I'm doing my deep thinking, I ask myself what it is that draws me to your words every morning. I believe that what you have that I want, and I'm getting from your blog, is affirmation - affirmation that it IS ok to live the way we do - simply and with focus on relationships and not on things. I have friends that think we are crazy for living as we do, and our oldest daughter can't believe we are happy without all the trappings, but your blog gives me confidence that it's right for us and that's what matters. As an aside, I started a spinning class last night - something I have always wanted to do - inspired by you and your love of spinning. The teacher told me I was a "natural" and I absolutely loved it, so now I know I'm going to be expanding our family to include a spinning wheel. Thanks for opening my world to spinning and making me believe it was something I could do. I love to knit and this will make it even more my own.

Lib said...

What a GREAT Post! Gets one to really thinking:o)
What I have that I would hope other's would want is my Salvation , My Loving home, We've been maried 31 years and thru those yrs. what we've heard most often is I wish I had the Love you 2 share, The Love and Peace I find in your home. And our Loving realationship with our Birth Son and Foster Children, Often friends ask our advice on parenting .
Not long ago I spend a day in a home a person had an Appt. and ask if I could stay for the day to help with children.This is a home of a Preacher, Gospel singer, they go to church evertime the church doors open. (Not trying to be judgemental here) my Dh had to have the car for the day, when it was time for him to pick me up ,as we were going down their side walk I stopped ,hand in hand with my Dh, and looked up and said "Thank You Lord for my Loving ,Peaceful Home."I've never been in a home with so much"DRAMA" unhappiness with each other. Sad to think about ! And to see them at church with their smiles, hugs, etc. and to realize the double faces and saddness they live.
I also wish some people could understand our desire to live "the Simple Side"of life. It amazes me how some not all friends suggest we buy this or that,bigger and better.I suppose to some being head over hills in debt is what life is all about, to us it's just the opposite.
Thanks for the Great Post.
Blessins', Lib

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Very true words! When hubby and I first married we had a lot of money. And we squandered that money on worthless things and had to have the newest, biggest and best of all. Were we happy? No, not really. May I say that after we lost it all and learned to live simply that we are happier. We drive an inexpensive used car, live in a small house, sometimes have to do without and live on disability checks. Our health is not the greatest but our spiritual health is excellent and we are very happy! We are so very, very rich! We sit and cross stitch together, we walk together, the pace of life is slow. I have scores of loving friends in this computer who know I care about them, I have a prayer group where I pray for folks needs. God provides each and everything we need. Not always what I think I need but it is right! I am richer now with less money than I ever was with more than I needed!

Carole said...

I loved this post. I know I love your blog because of the alternative to modern society and your profound and sincere wish to live simply - not just because it's the latest fashion.
I also love the fact that as a Christian, you admit having doubts sometimes and this makes you go forward ; you are not stuck in some dogmatic and rigid doctrine and you try to make the most of what God's given you ; you are honest - which is not given to everyone... but what really speaks to me in your blog, is the love and the peaceful atmosphere evoked when you talk about your family. It's really wonderful to know that it exists out there - I had never experienced it before my marriage ; you are very lucky ! And it's nice that you let people know that it's not just to be found in movies or books. I still have a long way to go but that's what I would like to have and that other people would want : a happy and loving family. Come to think of it, I already have it ! So maybe I need more of that inner peace and patience... In any case, your blog means a lot to me.

Kristin said...

Such thought-provoking words. Great reminders for us all. I so appreciate people who can minister effectively through their blogs and this qualifies!

Sandra said...

Patty, a most thought-provoking post, thank you. Also, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

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