Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Priscilla made beautiful dresses for her and Elizabeth. I feel so blessed to have such a sweet daughter in law !
Mei-Ling enjoys a bit of her own Thanksgiving dinner
Elizabeth napped the entire meal, so she is not in the picture. You can tell we all had a wonderful thanksgiving
Elizabeth and Mei-Ling enjoy some baby talk
Melanie, Mei-Ling and Casimir

Steven with his precious baby Elizabeth, (below) Elizabeth bundled up for the trip to her other grandparents
Our family has enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving together. Priscilla and Melanie helped with the meal, each making a dish to bring and then helping get things ready. The men folk chatted while we worked. The babies were both little sweeties the entire day.
Right now its so cold here, especially compared to our warm temperatures earlier in the week. Snow and sleet is falling, and the mercury is dropping by the hour. It feels so nice to be inside where its toasty warm. The fire is glowing brightly with plenty of wood for the night stacked up beside the stove. Since I love snow so much, it just feels like a perfect day when combined with
all the fun of the holiday
I had a few things on the line to dry this morning, when I brought them in a bit ago they were covered in sleet. The last of the tomatoes have been picked, green but fine for green tomato relish or fried green tomatoes.

Its just been a perfect day, family, food, warmth and lots of love.


Mimi said...

I just returned from a trip across the state to be with our oldest daughter and her family for Thanksgiving... I caught up reading your posts... and it appears that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving ... I am so happy for you and I pray that little Mei-Ling continues to improve...

Catherine said...

It sounds like you all had a perfect day! Loved the pictures. : )

Dawn said...

I am so happy you had an awesome Thanksgiving Patty!!! Love the pictures!!! And the sunflower matching outfits! :)
My husband and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well and I blogged about it on my blog. I think it was our best one yet and we have only been married 6 years!

Praising God for blessings!

Farmer Blu's Wife said...

Both of those babies have cheeks just meant for kisses!!! Little Elizabeth's whole face lights up when she smiles.

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