Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sometimes Its Just The Way The Sun Shines In

Sometimes, its just the way the sun shines across the floor that gives me this warm tender feeling towards my life. The way the warm colors of the wood baptized with sunshine makes me feel so at peace, so uncluttered by the outside world.
As I walked through the house doing my work, I caught sight of such beauty and wondered if it could be captured with the camera and shared. The sight, somewhat, but not the silence broken only by the ticking of the mantle clock on the piano and the scent of baking cornbread cannot be sent through the air to you. I wish it could all be packaged up and shared for each aspect brings a joy, not the jump up and down kind of joy but the deep and filling joy.
On a side note here, but a very important note, Mei-Ling is done with her tests, the poor little one cried so hard and long that her tiny body is shaking with sobs. Thanks for all the prayers.
I don't understand the purpose in a child going through so much but I will trust God knows what He is doing. Yes, there is sin in the world, and with that brings imperfections and things go wrong, but I do know He has the power to change that, He did after all create us from dust, nothing is too hard for Him, not even putting things right that are wrong due to any reason. But, I will trust and continue to pray for a miracle.
first picture is of the dinning room and the second picture is of our living room, our shiny stained plywood floors that serve us well. Easy to clean, cheap to put down and don't look too shabby !


T*mmy said...

I remember as a child after Sunday church I would slip off my patten leather shoes and skim across floors like this in my Sunday socks, pretending I was a famous ice skater...I bet my Mama was not too thrilled with the state of my socks!

Lib said...

I Love your pics. of your home.
these would make Beautiful pics. for your card.

Annie said...

Your floors look nice, the floor in the dining room is just like my kitchen floor and ceiling! We treat ours with linseed oil every once in a while and that makes it look so nice plus it gets better looking with age!

mikesgirl said...

Patty - are your living room floors just plain plywood, stained and polished? They are beautiful!!

Patty said...

Hi Mikesgirl !
Yup, plain old plywood. If you want to know what we did to them you can look at this post to read about the how and why of our floor choice

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