Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bulk Shopping Day

Melanie and I headed out to The Country Store, which is a bulk store and bakery owned by the minister and his wife of the Mennonite church we attended while the children were growing up. Its always fun to shop there as I get to chat a bit with old friends.
We found the things we needed rather quickly but went down the isles a few extra times just looking at all the things and also breathing in deeply the wonderful smells from the bakery. Pies, cinnamon rolls, and of course freshly baked breads. We found Mei-Ling some tiny knee socks for winter, looked at books for her for when she is a bit older. Saw the very same coloring books my children had. I found a couple invisible zippers in the size and color I needed. Had to come home with a new book too. Melanie was happy to get one of the last jars of pickled eggs, pickled in beet juice just the way she likes them. I got my big sacks of flour, dry soup mixes, lady finger popcorn, which is just the best popcorn along with lots of other needs. All good prices and suitable for the cooking Emery likes the best. I also found some sweet magnets for the refrigerator with scripture on them, at 49 cents each, I thought they were good buys.
On the way home we drove up and down the hills of the countryside, roads wide enough for just one car. Trees meeting overhead creating the best of canopies. Mei-Ling slept in her car seat and Melanie and I talked as I drove. Just a wonderful simple afternoon.
At home, a lace tablecloth danced on the clothesline, next to a row of clothespins standing at attention, reminding me of toy wooden soldiers.
The chickens were happy to be let out of the hen house, eggs to be gathered. Every day things, but the beauty of these simple acts never escapes me. Roses, food for hungry bugs, rosemary filling the air with fragrance. The sun, fading in the west, a chill returning to the air. Squirrels munching on acorns and crows yelling at one another from the tree tops. Somehow the ordinary always seems extraordinary to me.


Frgl Ldy said...

The rooster looks like he's preaching! Lol!

Nan - said...

I love the clothespins. It reminds me that I must take more black and whites. They give a feeling you just can't get from color photos. Beautiful words.

Patty said...

yes, he does look like he is preaching to those hens of his !

Patty said...

Hi Nan, I love the feeling of looking at black and white and try to remember to take b&w of my family once in a while, seems like there is more substance to b&w or something.

Kimmie said...

Can I come with you next time? It looks and sounds like such a wonderful time!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

ann said...

I shop monthly at an Amish bulk food store. I just love going there. It's a totally different feeling than going to a regular grocery store. I love your pictures as always.

Annie said...

I shop at a store just like that, Martins farm market, I can get pretty much anything I want from flour and yeast to dry herbs and candies to make for Christmas, It is always an enjoyable visit!
Ryan my grandson loves your simple gifts song, when I bring up your blog to read he stops what he is doing and comes over by the computer and quietly listens!

Sandra said...

I love buying in bulk too. I have lentils, chick peas, soya beans, rice and other legumes and supplies all lined up on shelves ready to use whenever I need and I get great comfort and satisfaction from knowing it's there. As usual, your photos are stunning. Love the simplicity of the black and white clothes pegs :-)

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