Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Morning Ramble

Golden sunshine filled the land with color. Wispy clouds so much like newly carded wool swept across the pale blue sky and the air crisp and invigorating. How can anyone stay inside on such a day ? The grass and fallen leaves held tight to the dew, I was glad for my boots. The last of the pecans and walnuts are falling, I see neighbors bend over picking nuts for winter baking. The cat and kittens lead the way to their feed dishes and the chickens are clucking contentedly. A goat in the distance bawls, perhaps breakfast is a bit too long in coming her way. I am so thankful each and every day for this time alone with the beauty of the earth. The lessons God teaches with His creation are so profound. One can walk in silence, only a whispered prayer on the lips to be taught and we can learn of faithfulness, of His love for us. We can see the orderliness of His world even when mans chaos seems so in our face. The miracle of creation shows us we know so little. How perfect the drops of dew are in shape and miraculous it is that nuts fall as the cold wind blows, food that will keep for many months, through the winter with so many nutrients. The smallest detail not overlooked. When my children were small, we walked daily and I showed them such things. Pointing out to them the miracle of Gods handiwork for us to enjoy and to sustain us. The birds rejoice in song on this autumn morning, their song of praise perfect music for my morning.

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Lib said...

A Wonderful post.So True.If we could only learn to take time to slow down and enjoy whats around us.
So happy to hear the baby is gaining wt.:o)
God is Good all the time.:o)
Blessins', Lib

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