"Books Like Friends Should Be Few and Well Chosen"

The quote, "Books like friends, should be few and well-chosen." by Samuel Johnson has long been a favorite one of mine. I remember I saw this quote for the first time on a book mark, tenderly embroidered by some long forgotten hand and stuck between the pages of a first edition copy of a Louisa M. Alcott book I had purchased. Through the years, it has proved over and over to be one of life's truths for me.
Today my dear friend Nancy stopped by to restock me with books from her personal library for the summer. She has the most wonderful collection of old, rare books, mostly from the Victorian Era that are character building, enjoyable and memorable. Each book filled with men and women of noble hearts. Characters that are true heroes and heroines.
I handed Nancy the box of books she had lent me previously and I gladly took the new box of books. Now to not get so lost in the books that nothing else gets done !
This dear sweet friend of mine is also an afternoon tea drinker and how we love to sit and talk the hours away over a cup of tea but it happens rarely as she now lives many miles away so our shared moments are rare. Knowing I love classical music and afternoon tea she gifted me with two fantastic CD's. I am listening to them now. Beautiful music, perfect for tea time and for sitting with a good book.
Wishing everyone could have a person like Nancy as a friend ! She is a friend well chosen. And like the women in her books she is a woman of noble character.


Rondi said…
Beautiful old books! Beautiful old fashioned stories! Those are the best kind...
Patty said…
You would love the one I am reading now, Links in Rebecca's Life. Can't put the book down. Godly young woman who continually makes the right choices, no matter how hard they are.
Marci said…
Sounds like a good book to find Pat. I LOVE books. I have my few favorites, but I still have lots of other books. I am trying to pare down a bit, but it is hard.
Rondi said…
I find it impossible to resist books. Your quote about a few well chosen books...well...I guess it depends on what your definition of "few" is =) I love discovering good new writers, but the ones I go back to over and over are the old ones.
Patty said…

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