Sunday, June 18, 2006

Old Fashioned Fun

One of the fun things we did at our family get together was to share old family photos. Each of us had the opportunity to take photos of each others pictures.
My cousin Molly had these fun pictures of her grandfather, who is my great grand-uncle.
I just love that in the pictures you can see a large group of friends having so much fun. In the first picture you see the men with the ladies hats on and in the second photo you see the ladies wearing the men's hat and jackets and some being totally risqué by having a pipe or cigarette in their hands like the men would have had.
My great Grand-uncle William Herbert Heckbert is pictured 5th from the right side with a black vest on.
In the second picture, Williams wife Pearl is second row, first woman from the left side of the picture . Another woman has her hand on Pearl's shoulder.
The last picture is of the two of them looking quite fashionable. William was a lawyer as was his older brother Edwin.
William was born in 1874 and Pearl was born in 1879.

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