Thursday, June 08, 2006

Having Fun

Just can't seem to get the pictures to load from this computer so when I get home I will make up for that.
Sorta gave up on the healthy eating for a bit, and finding great pleasure in having a latte and dunkin donuts every day. Also been making nearly daily trips to the Rang Indian Bistro.

Its down right cold here for this Texas gal. Today its staying in the high 50's and of course, rain again. Need to bring some of this rain back to Texas with me.
Melissa is 26 today. I remember this day 26 years ago very well. She was born just as the sun was setting over the pond I could see from my window. Now this "pond" would be called a major Lake in Texas but here, its a pond.
Melissa will arrive at my sisters house tomorrow around noon time, just right for us to all head off for Indian food AGAIN. Oh its so good !
Emery is managing ok on his own. Melanie is looking after him and decided her dad is "low maintenance".
Melanie and Casimir are heading to Dallas as I write, to some Anime convention thing. I believe they are both dressing up in some costume and if I am persistant in asking, they may let me post a couple pictures of them in their anime get ups.
Time for me to get off the computer , but wanted to say hi to everyone.


Sunny said...

Glad to hear from you. Knew you'd have a great time. Tell everyone HI for me. Happy B'day Melissa.

La Tea Dah said...

Happy Birthday to Melissa! Our son, Rylan's birthday is on the 9th, but he's a few years behind Melissa. . .he turns 18. Where have the years gone? Your peaceful birthing experince by 'the pond' sounds lovely. Rylan was born at home --- but it wasn't a planned thing! LOL! It was actually very peaceful too, though. . .we had a great midwife (who was supposed to be coaching me at the hospital).

Enjoy those latte's and dunkin' donuts! I'm missing your more frequent posts and pictures. :)

Kelli said...

I'm glad you are having a wonderful time!! I'm looking foward to seeing lots of pictures when you get home. Happy Birthday to Melissa!


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