Friday, June 23, 2006

Afternoon Break

After looking at the picture of my welsh cupboard, I decided to make it look more matched, it looked rather mish-mashed. And although I do have many different tea cups, most of my dishes have place settings for 8 and 12 of the same pattern.
My favorite dishes are the ones now displayed. Wedgwood, American Clipper, no longer available and most of my collection was purchased before I was married. I have 12 place settings and many serving pieces and we use it often. Its ironstone so not as fragile as fine bone china.

The baby cardinals are growing so fast it is as if you could see them grow when you are looking at them.
I try hard not to intrude too much so I just put the camera over the nest and hope for a good shot.
Today for tea we had Coconut Dundee cake, a recipe posted on Revee's Country Road blog. I don't have the link for her recipe right now and if I steer away from my blog to get it, I will loose what I am uploading. Will include it later on my cbox.
It is a delightful cake, not too sweet and not heavy.
I added a few drops of Coconut extract to the recipe since coconut is one of my favorite flavors. Thanks Revee for a scrumptious recipe for afternoon tea time.
Its time for me to do some hand sewing and then let the chickens out of the coop. Then will catch up on my letter writing. Yes, I do snail mail and love it, but am dreadfully behind right now.

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Kelli said...

Your cupboard looks very nice and the! I have printed out the recipe from over at Revee's and plan on making it this week. I like when you post pictures of that particular teacup. It is my mom's favorite pattern and it reminds me of her. :0)
The birds sure are growing up fast...I love seeing pictures of them each day! I was sad to hear about the other two.
P.s. I am very behind on my letter writing too but plan to get caught up this coming week.

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