Saturday, June 17, 2006

Family Ties, The Heckbert Family

One of the main reasons I went back east this time was for a family "get together". Several years ago I started an email list for members of my family. Its a closed list. Keeping it just for family.
Through time the list has grown to include family I had never met, which didn't seem to matter as we all just felt like we had known each other all our lives in a short time.
It worked out that many of us could meet at this time of year and be able to share family stories, histories, photos and each others company.
We had such fun ! We had family from coast to coast and of course from Canada where most of the family remains.
My mothers family name is not a common one Heckbert, so we can pretty well assume that if that's your name, you are related.
We have traced the family back many generations through some serious research and discovered some amazing family history.
Keeping the family ties strong is a wonderful way to give you a sense of who you are.
With the computer, miles that separate no longer keep you apart from loved ones.
I grew up with all my aunts and uncles close by and it was only after I went to school I discovered you could have friends that were not related.
With moving away from so many family members over 20 years ago, I felt a loss in my life. Starting our family email list has helped lessen that. We write daily and we share all that is happening in our lives. Pictures flow freely.
I do wish everyone in the family would get involved.
Some too busy, some are shy, some too lazy, some not interested and some just afraid of the computer.

Going back east for our family get together was a way to tighten these family ties that bind our hearts together.

I will be sharing some fun old photos over the next few days. Great fashion statements !

4 generations, my mom, my grandmother with my oldest sister and my great grandmother. @ 1946

My great Aunt Helen (1913-1991)


val said...

Hi stranger, I am at the library looking up info for the move back home. How I miss "talking" with everyone, I love the pictures, makes me more homesick for everyone. My little cousins are beautiful love, Val

Patty said...

Hi Val ! oh how I have missed chatting with you. Hope all is well and can't wait till you have a computer all the time.

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