Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Lunch Time or Tea Time ?

As it happened, I got so busy cleaning that I forgot to eat lunch so tea time became lunch time too.
A nice fresh croissant with a bit of cheese and two cookies was on the menu. A steaming hot cup of Earl Grey hit the spot too. As is often the case I read a bit while lingering over my tea. Today's reading was heavily influenced by a rather big upcoming event !
This tea cup is my favorite of all the ones I own, but its also Emery's favorite since it has a handle just right for his man size fingers. We often laughingly discuss who gets to use it at tea time.


anne bebbington said...

Patty - tea never tastes lovelier than from a real china cup - in our kitchen mug cupboard we have two shelves for mugs - one with the china mugs on and the other with the 'workman' mugs that my husband likes to drink tea from - even the kids know not to give me a mug from that shelf!

Sunny said...

I ADORE that teacup and saucer. The plate the cookies are on is pretty sweet too.

Kelli said...

What pretty dishes!! It looks like you had a lovely tea. How are the wedding plans coming along?

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