Friday, June 23, 2006

Bought A Home at Age 21

It was too nice for just heading home after going out to eat last night, so like in our old dating days, we went for a drive. Windows open, wind blowing our hair, radio on. The "oldies" station playing good songs. Sun just starting to get low on the horizon. We held hands and chattered like teenagers about the plans we have in our lives.
We headed off towards Stevens new place since we knew he would be there working on it. Its about 18 miles from our home so a nice little country ride.
Corn fields and Milo ready to harvest along each road. Cows grazing, simple farm roads all the way.
Finally it was time to turn onto his dirt road, jokingly called Ulrich Hill since so many of that family had at one time lived up there. Stevens place is off to the left as you get to the top of the hill. Everything is green or golden now as its a transition time in nature.
Not spring and not fully summer.
There is a fantastic breeze up at his place, well actually its more of a wind that races over the prairie.
He will do well in the summer with windows open. No need for air conditioners.
I am more in love with his barn then the house. Of course he is doing the entire house over now so its really a mess with everything torn out, but this barn is wonderful. A milking parlor extraordinaire ! His chicken house is pretty nice too, but this barn is so nice for goats. I will show you the house when its all done, in about 4 months time, since he wants to get married in November !
Steven has 5 acres of his own now and his head is full of plans. " Mom, I am going to put in flower beds and trees and a picket fence". His words rushed out with so much enthusiasm that it seemed like one big long word. I told him to plant a tree for each child they have and he loved that idea. To be able to watch the trees grow as the child grew.
He thought he would like a long row of those trees.
Some of the folks from the church came by, and I felt like such an outsider. An odd feeling. It made me sad a bit. No longer a part of that life. Those are the times I feel confused. " Am I missing out, am I wrong, am I sinning ?" By the time we are home, Emery has calmed my insecurities in this matter, telling me we are doing what we need to do and we are on the road we need to be on. Still, I feel a loss.
What must it be like for the old order Amish folks that leave and are forever shunned ? No contact. What must it be like for them to drive by their parents farm houses and not be able to stop and talk or see their loved ones. I can stop and talk to anyone, just there is a feeling of shame that I don't think will ever leave me.
Ahhh, such is life. There are hard things for all of us.
On a brighter note, Stevens face was so bright with talk of the future.
As are the faces of Melanie and Casimir. Yesterday we looked at apartments for them. Lovely ones, just down the road. Managed by a wonderful Christian couple. So many blessings all around us. Casi has a new job, working with my husband. All the men in the family in this area will be working for the same Mennonite company. Making good money to provide for the needs of their families.

The back yard of Stevens house, wonderful clothes line !

Looking off his front porch

Heading down Ulrich Hill back to the main road.

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Lucy said...

I wish Steven with his new comming family a very happy life!! I hope he can soon plant a tree...

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