Friday, June 16, 2006

Many Blessings in My Life

The day before I was to leave Boston, we stopped at Whole Foods so I could pick up some healthy snacks for the plane ride home. I picked up the latest issue of Alternative Medicine to read while I was heading home.
When I opened the magazine to leaf through it while waiting to board the plane, a note was neatly folded and tucked inside the front cover. The note was from Melissa. She must have put it in there when I was busy packing. As I read the words she wrote, I felt like the most blessed woman on this planet.
All week long I had read a note for each day written by Emery before I left and put in my purse. Such a loving family I have.
When I got home, there was a note on the fridge for me and also a telephone message from Melanie. She and Casi went out for the evening and would be home late, they wanted to give Emery and I some quiet time. How sweet and thoughtful. The note on the board said it all. I was loved and missed and everyone was glad to have me home.
Steven called early in the morning after I was home to say he had missed me.
This afternoon at tea time, I used my "Mother" tea cup. This tea cup was a gift from a dear friend of mine who has now passed away. She had given it to her mother very long ago. When I had Melissa, she gave me this tea cup with a lovely note telling me that she felt I would be a wonderful mother just as her mother had been. I was so honored.
So as I sipped my hot tea in the quiet part of the afternoon, reflecting on my life with all its blessings, I felt such peace.
Later I asked the children if I could share the notes they left me. They said, "certainly".
Of all the things one can acquire in life, all the "things" to be had, none can come close to having the value of a loving family.


Tina said...

Welcome Home, you were missed...I am hanging in there my sweet friend...
Luv and Hugs(((())))Tina

Sandra said...

Oh you lucky thing - you have a Harrods teapot!!! My maiden name is Harrod but I've never been to the shop. One of my teenage dreams was to go to the store in London and use my chequebook so they could see my name and wonder if I was a relative of the store owner - LOL. What silly things we dream when we're young LOL. Glad you had a wonderful holiday. Your photos are truly artistic and would make a wonderful seaside display.

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