A Sepia Morning Sky

The sky was not dark this morning when I got up, but a strange light yellowish blue color. It seemed so odd. It should have been very dark as it was not even 5 am yet. In Texas you notice strange skies especially when you know storms are in the forecast. .
As the sun began to rise, the sky turned a strange yellowish brown, making everything appear as if it was an old sepia photo. It feels a bit eerie . I have found myself walking to the window to have a look many times. I took a picture just about 6:15 a.m. It looks like I must have used some sort of filter on my camera, but no filter used. Strange sky, hope its not going to be a strange day


anne bebbington said…
That is one strange sky - nature can really come up with surprises sometimes - hope you're not in for a storm or anything today

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