Friday, June 16, 2006

The Last of the Maine Pictures

It seems from the time I was a child, the sea calls me. Its a place that opens up my creative juices and inspires me in so many ways. There must be some connection to the salt air and clear thinking or something for me.
The first day that was sunny, my sister Jan and I headed off to York Beach, Maine. A favorite sea side town of ours. It has wonderful beaches, rocky shore lines, quaint shops, the Goldenrod restaurant which has the best salt water taffy around and you get to watch it being made. This restaurant has been a favorite in my family for generations. They serve so many good old fashioned items. One that I love is their fantastic hamburger club sandwich. Usually I have a Lime Ricky with it, and finish up with Grapenut or Indian Pudding Ice cream.
We always visit the park that gives a wonderful view of Nubble Light. You can climb the rocks, watch the waves and just soak in the gorgeous scenery.
When we went this time the tide was out, which allowed me to get way down on the rocks and get some pictures you can only get at that time. There was a lobster boat right off shore picking up his traps and he was close enough I heard his radio. I got to see the groundskeeper working around the lighthouse too. It made it all feel as if I was transported back in time. The grand houses the line this rocky shore by the lighthouse came alive in my imagination with ladies dressed in beautiful gowns, maybe like in the scenes from Anne of Green Gables where she recites The Highwayman in that wonderful old hotel.
I scampered around the rocks like a child, forgetting that I am 51. Turning over shells, peeking under rocks, being thrilled at the sounds of the water rushing in to some hollow spot. Laughing at the sea gulls antics while amazed by their intelligence of dropping shelled creatures on the rocks and then coming back to eat the contents.
The wind and sun turned my skin a healthy pink, not a burn, just pink. My face feeling like I just had a facial from the salty air.
We shopped a bit, laughed a lot. Turned the radio up loud on the way there but softer on the way home. Pensive mood almost from all the beauty we experienced.
You just can't beat a day by the sea.

Yours truly popping up from behind a rock

A rather friendly seagull

Lovers, reminding me of Emery and I


Rondi said...

I'm headed to Maine myself tomorrow morning. Nubble Light is a favorite of our family's, too. My parents now live near Kennebunk and we like to go there and see if we can see any of the Bush family. You're right. The ocean is hard to beat...

Patty said...

Have fun in Maine ! Say hello to your parents for me

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