Sad News

Its not a good picture but you can tell the nest is empty. Once the little birdies start to call for food, it seems some creature hears them and makes a meal of them. I wanted to cry today when I saw the nest empty.


Lucy said…
Nature is sometimes so hard !! But this was nature.. Yesterday we drove by car to my parents. We saw a mom duck dead in the border of the highway.. This vieuw is always so sad.. all the hard drivingcars and then a dead bird catched by a car.. But the storie with the duck is not ended, the sadest was that we also saw about 7 little ducks walking away into the grass.... without their mom.. this vieuw brought us and special my DD Purdey into tears .
Kelli said…
I'm so so sad to read this news. :( I was looking foward to seeing them all grown up.
Marci said…
Awww, I am sorry Pat. I know you were looking forward to them growing up.
Revee said…
I'm so sorry about the birds. The girls and I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of them as they grew. Thanks for taking the time to update us while they were there.

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