Thursday, June 01, 2006

What To Pack ?

In packing for my trip which is just a day and a half away now, I kept trying to figure out what style of clothes to pack. There is the one aspect of me that loves the gauze cotton look. Free and comfortable, but then there is the other look I enjoy which is a bit more suave and has some style. Its a toss up to me which direction to pack for. I could do both styles but then you have to lug around a couple suitcases.. Sticking to one style lets you combine outfits, meaning less baggage.
I was thinking back to my grandmothers time and thinking it was maybe easier than. Things all had to be proper and there were styles yes, but not so drastic as to decide, all tennis shoes or cute little heels. The biggest differences then was in class distinction. The more money the fancier the clothes. Now its "looks" The trendy "look" the Talbot "Look", the hemp clothing catalog "look" and so on and so on. Endless types of "looks".
It seems rather shallow to be so concerned about which "look" to have coming from me, the simple homesteader, but lets be honest, I am a woman and have some pride.
What happens if I bring the bohemian look and then I feel like the "lets take tea" look ? Its a tough call.
I have dyed my hair, covered the gray, plucked my eyebrows, so that seems as though I am leaning towards the "lets do lunch" look. Right now as I am typing, I have a facial mask on. Wow, for me that is a maybe 3 times a year kind of thing. If I get a hankering to do my nails, well that would be down right shocking.
Maybe I should scratch the idea of just doing carry on and pack a full suitcase and give myself some options for flexibility.
It sure is hard for me to decide what to pack for nearly two weeks.
Guess I have a few more hours to decide.
Think it must have been easier in the old days for people like me. The decisions all made for you by social protocol.


La Tea Dah said...

LOL! If you are like me, you'll end up with one more suitcase than you really need, and will only wear 1/2 the clothes! Not only are you deciding which "look" you want, but you are going from west to east. . .and the difference in fashions is significant. I'd go for a 'mix' of bohemian and the tea look. And you might as well go 'all out' --- see if Melanie would pamper you with a manicure! Make sure you get the hand massage. . .it's the best part! Enjoy the packing and have fun!!! Will you be keeping us updated on your blog for the next couple weeks?

Alena said...

Patty, enjoy your packing and enjoy your trip... I am sure you will have a wonderful time out there with your family... So, once again - enjoy and take care...

anne bebbington said...

personally I'm a great believer in wearing what you feel most comfortable in - but then that's probably why I look such a scruff (albeit a clean one) all the time - have a lovely time and go on indulge yourself with that manicure

Ann said...

I vote for comfort, too! Whatever you are most comfortable in, then that's what I'd pack.

Glad to hear how things worked out for Melanie. God is good and miracles DO happen!

Kelli said...

Since you are going to be gone for 2 weeks I would pack a mixture of both styles. I always pack more than I need but I like to have the options!
Good Luck!!

Marci said...

I too vote for comfort!!! So, maybe there are some comfortable things for both styles, and you could take a little of each.

Favorite Apron said...

Patty - this post described me to a T. Amish one day, sophisticated Mama the next.

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