Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sometimes A Girl Just Has To Shop

Sometimes a girl just has to shop, even those who like the simple life and talk about having too much "stuff". Today was that kind of day for me.
I headed off to Goodwill, money in my pocket. I found books I had wanted, a cute little oak box that has a place on the top for a piece of needlepoint. A tiny tea cup still all wrapped up new . It has a sweet Bible verse on one side. The books were good finds. Victorian Cross stitch, a book on Stitching on Linen and more.
I even found myself a darling Elizabeth dress and Jacket set, brand new, tags still on it, for $6. My total was less than $15
What a good day it was.
On to Big Lots where I found a great hat box and a matching little case that will be perfect for all my hankies.
Came home put the things away and then my Darling asked me if I would like a date. You bet, going out to eat is always a treat.


Sandra said...

You do get some golden little goodies on your op-shop treks! I adore the hat box and matching box :-) Yep - a when a girl's gotta shop, a girl's gotta shop!!

Kelli said...

The boxes are so pretty! You got some amazing deals...I'm going to have to come visit your goodwill.

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