Sunday, June 25, 2006

Learning Something Every Day

As I was blog hopping tonight I read something quite good at Elizabeth's Rose Cottage She wrote yesterday about "Stuff" and I suspect since she had visited my blog recently she was thinking about what I had written.
She has some really good points about stuff and clutter, well worth reading. Elizabeth brings in some thoughts that put a different spin on the subject. I like her approach. I still have Mennonite mindset sometimes on having too many earthly possessions and I need to broaden my horizons some and find a more normal balance. So I honestly appreciated her words.
I think for me, the problem is we live in a small cottage with NO closets except the ones in our bedrooms so storage is at a premium. If I want to put things away for a while, there isn't any room unless I cart it off to the barn and that's not such a great place to store nice things.
Stuff can begin to feel like clutter when you are cleaning it or for me when I get that desire for the minimalist look. The simple Old Order Amish look.
Maybe in time that desire will fade and I can be more comfortable with things around.
At any rate, I am being sincere and honest in saying that Elizabeth has some good points on the subject.

Pciture tonight is of a painting I did for my parents living room way back in the 1970's. It now hangs in my sisters house and I took a picture of it when I was there.


Screen Door said...

Hey, you have a gift...the painting is beautiful.

Lucy said...

You are talented :-)

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