Thursday, June 15, 2006

Back Home in Texas

Oh were to begin .... first off I have about 800 pictures to edit. Yes, that does seem like lots of photos but you can imagine my camera was busy capturing each and every moment possible. Glad I have a 1.0 GB memory stick !
My trip back east was so much fun and every day an adventure. My sisters were wonderful and so wasn't everyone else and maybe best of all Melissa came down from Vermont on Friday and stayed till I left yesterday. Matter of fact she took me to the airport in Manchester NH. Which by the way is a wonderful airport. So much easier than flying into Boston's Logan International.
My sister Jan hauled me to all the places I wanted to see without complaining and everyone put up with my childlike enthusiasm for life.
In the next few days I will share some pictures. Not all 800 though.
The family get together was fantastic and we had great laughs, great food, and learned lots more about our family history through sharing pictures and stories.
It was nice though to meet that handsome man of mine at the airport. He saw me and ran towards me with open arms, just as though there wasn't another person in the world. Can't beat that sort of love. Being home felt good. Now I just need to get through the hundreds of emails and sort the pictures

Melissa with her first Kimball Special. No, she couldn't finish it : )

My two sisters with Melissa at Kimball Farms

Kimball Farms Ice Cream


anne bebbington said...

You're right about being met at the airport - there's nothing better than being able to travel - except..... coming home again :o)

Sunny said...

Well, you know, not that his heart isn't pretty fond already, but, absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Shame how they REALLY suffer when we are away.

Screen Door said...

Welcome back.... there's no place like home....
Enjoy the weekend.

Marci said...

Well, I guess this picture of Melissa answered my question from your other post.... 9 scoops of ice cream.... And you finished them as a child???? TN said...

Such lovely memories.... Your pictures are great. Glad you made it back home safe and sound!

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