Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wedding Outfits

Thought I would share some of the wedding clothes so far.
Casimir will wear the brown Kurta, his brother will wear the gold kurta.
The fabric for my salwar kameez and dupatta are in the other picture and then my jewelry for the wedding is in the last picture.
Its funny but I wore a kameez for Melissa's wedding too. I love how comfortable they are and modest too.
We just need to get Emery's Kurta ordered then we are all set with clothes.

Hope to have the flower girls outfits and Melissa's outfit done by next week sometime.
I have to go find some beads to do some bead work on the front of my Kameez around the neckline.


Pecan Hill Matron said...

I love everything! How exciting! By the way, I know you are making your Kameez...are you using a pre-printed pattern or did you make your own? I would love to make a couple for myself but I can't find a good pattern and I certainly am not going to attempt doing my own! Disaster in the making there!

Oh yeah...I'm so glad you are back to blogging every day! LOL...missed you while you were away!

Grace & Peace

Patty said...

Hi Pam, I think its simplicity that has a pattern in the costume section, has a belly dancing outfit with it, well thats what it could be used for, but there is a great Kameeze with it and the right kind of pants. I like the neckline on that one. Melanie has so many kameez that we just use some of hers to cut a pattern from for her.

Screen Door said...

I love the jewelry--- is there a story??You always have wonderful stories with the things you have. Everything has a meaning...Write when you can..

Marci said...

Pat, this is one wedding I would LOVE to be at. What wonderful clothing and jewelry. Melanie is going to be gorgeous!!!

Patty said...

Farm Girl, you my friend are certainly welcome to attend the wedding.

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