Monday, June 12, 2006

Massachusetts Finest

I'm the friendly sort, plain and simple. I like to meet new folks and today was a banner day for that. On my way out of the Shushi restaurant I saw two Massachusetts State Troopers. Their highly polished boots caught my eye. These guys looked like they came out of a book for the perfect police officer. Their uniforms were perfect in every way. So I ventured over to chat with them and find out if they would let me take their picture. Let me tell you, Massachusetts State Troopers are really nice. We chatted for some time, me telling them about the Texas police and sharing that my dad was a police officer. These Troopers were more than kind to let me take their pictures and put them on my blog. In all seriousness, these are the folks we should be proud of. They keep us safe and are helpful when we are in need. I have nothing but the highest respect for the men and women in law enforcement.
Next time you see a police officer, think about all they do for your community.
These guys really were good examples of the fine folks that risk their lives daily for all of us.


ForestJane said...

I think I like the hats the best, worn so low over the brow. :)

Glad you're having a good reunion with everyone and getting to visit all your childhood haunts. Sometimes you CAN go home again.

JudyL said...

I agree! I'm very happy for the good officers who protect us. It is kinda funny to think about all the different uniforms the different state police officers wear.

Judy L.

Patti said...

Right snappy outfits eh?

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