Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"Its A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood"

Bet the subject line has you humming that Mr. Rogers tune !
Its now nearly 10 a.m. and its a lazy looking overcast day. Humidity is high. With good intentions, I put on my running shoes but then decided it would be more fun to just vigorously clean the house. Mop the floors and give them a good cleaning and wash the woodwork, clean out the junk drawer in the kitchen. Do jobs that motivate you to move, well o.k. maybe the junk drawer project is for break time as its not highly motivating to look through old batteries, a few nearly empty packages of birthday candles and stuff you have no idea why you ever kept. Well, you do know why, but hate to admit that you stuck it in the drawer rather than think of what to do with it at some moment in time.
I plan on cooking up a storm today. Steven and Pricilla are coming over for supper and the boy is hungry. He just purchased 5 acres with a double wide on it. The barn on this land is gorgeous, even has an apartment in it. The house needs work. That is why he is hungry. You see he tore everything out of the house in three days time. Yes, I mean everything....he stripped the house clean of the carpet, the tile, the sinks, the cabinets, the tubs, and yes, both toilets. Now that created a bit of a problem, since he is living there. No toilets, no sinks, no shower and NO place to cook.
He has managed a few meals at Pricilla's house, but remember they are courting and there is the "no seeing each other every day" sort of rule in place.
Steven quickly realized his error in taking everything out and got a toilet put in pretty fast. Amazing how young men can act before thinking !
Its fun seeing this young man of 21 making a home for he and his future wife. He has come such a long way in the last couple years.
And more good things to think about on this morning, our son in law James just got a promotion at the radio station, he has a pretty fancy title, Assistant Programming Director. We are pretty proud of him.
And Casi, Melanie's fiancé has an interview with the owner of the company Emery works at for a job. We would love to see him working for the Mennonites. Seems like a good day all around.
Thanks to those who have signed Melanie and Casi's on line quest book for their wedding web page. Melanie was all excited seeing new names on there.
Here is the link again if you missed it but wanted to wish them well.

Pictures for the morning.....
This mornings tomato pickings. Yum !

The baby cardinals this morning, momma bird was kinda mad at me and flew at me when I went up to the nest. Better mind my p's and q's and head over there only when Momma is away from the nest. Notice the bit of plastic the momma used in nest building, came in handy with the sprinkles this morning. Must be the latest fad in nest building.

another sunflower

Some signs I saw in Massachusetts at a gift shop

Mullein with morning dew on its fuzzy leaves

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Marci said...

Pat, the tomatoes look wonderful. I start getting REALLY hungry for a garden fresh tomato. Mine are just getting some blossoms, so I have a while to wait.

What is the name of the sunflowers you plant? I love their coloring. I have planted several kinds this year. I hope at least some of them are the ones you have.

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